Hi everyone 👋🏻 Welcome to LilyGbakes 😊

I’m Lily Ghodrati – a recipe developer, food blogger and content creator @LilyGbakes who recently appeared in the Channel 4/Netflix ‘Crazy Delicious’ TV show.

Prior to the summer of 2017, I had no previous knowledge or experience of cooking whatsoever. My passion for baking began with the idea of making use of my garden apples to bake an Apple cake with a recipe that I found online. That was my first ever bake and to my surprise, it turned out delicious.

I enthusiastically carried on baking after this, and eventually created an Instagram account (@LilyGbakes) to share some of my food creations. As time went on, I began to get more creative with the decorative and taste elements of my creations and took it from there.

Baking is a great way for me to unwind. I really enjoy expressing my creativity through baking/cooking and discovering new and exciting flavour combinations. There is really no limits to what you can do. 💫